Teams of approximately five users that print no more than 2, pages in one month would find this Xerox phaser printer ideal especially as it comes with a low price tag. The machine to an incredible amount of time to accomplish this so won’t try this again! The only important flaw I saw was a thin slice of white showing between colors, primarily around some text and thin lines surrounded by solid color. This is generally an excellent printer, albeit a little bulky, very quick, good quality. More to the point, it’s a perfectly reasonable choice, if not a particularly compelling one, for light-duty printing in a small office.

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Working 61140 well and I am very pleased but the toner that comes with it does not last very long. Unless you have a highly unusual need for small fonts, for example, you shouldn’t have xerox 6140 complaints about the text quality.

Xerox also covers the printer with its Total Satisfaction Guarantee, which promises that if the printer isn’t performing the way you would expect it to, Xerox will either repair it xerox 6140 bring it up to spec or replace it with a new printer or comparable model. Other Xerox Laser Printers.

xerox 6140 I don’t know what I did before I bought this printer, it has been running constantly! Graphics in my tests were easily suitable for any internal business need.

Bought this printer from Printware xerox 6140 the phone and received excellent service and next day delivery. The guarantee is good for the length xerox 6140 the warranty or up to three years if you get an extended warranty or a Xerox service contract.


Xerox S Duplex Module.

I have yet to see how long a normal capacity toner lasts. Some fonts passed both thresholds at 6 and even 5 points, but none passed either threshold at 4 points. Richard Clark Customer rating: If the printer could keep up the quality it would get 8 from me but due to imaging problems and the fact that the Toners are very expensive I can only give xerox 6140 5.

All but one of the fonts on our text tests were both easily readable and well formed at 8 points, with xerox 6140 needing 10 points to qualify as well formed. One final item in the box xerox 6140 a power cord. You may want some help lifting it into place, though; it weighs a substantial High cost per page.

Network installation is also simple, thanks to Xerox’s automated installation routine. It comes with a sheet tray and one-page manual feed xerox 6140 standard. The print quality is good. It meant business as usual and a very happy custoimer xerox 6140 will continue to buy from Printware.

Xerox Phaser Toner Cartridge & Printer – Printware

Although a confirmed generalist, with writing credits xerox 6140 subjects as varied as ape language experiments, politics, quantum physics, and an overview of a top company in the gaming industry. Installing it involves opening the back of the printer and snapping the duplexer into place.


The phaser has a simple mono LCD control xerox 6140 that is rather self explanatory. Xerox 6140 makes it well short 61440 true photo quality, but easily good enough 61140 newsletters, marketing materials, or even photos for an office bulletin board. We used to do a lot of business with the locel print shop, and they’ve told me that they miss me This newsletter may contain advertising, xerox 6140, or affiliate links.

Xerox Phaser 6140/N

I do a xerox 6140 of multi page documents and asked the machine xerox 6140 collate them once. Xerox says it plans to add both Mac OS X This is very annoying xrox as it sometimes takes 3 or 4 goes to return to normal operation. Get Our Best Stories!

We also make extensive use of the manual feed slot. David Stone xero an award-winning freelance xerox 6140 and computer industry consultant. After each re-start it prints a 3 page report. David is also an expert in imaging technologies including printers, moni Subscribing xerox 6140 a newsletter indicates your consent to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.