What You Should Know About General Labour Jobs Toronto

A company requires a lot of employees with varied skills. From permanent employees to temporary as well as contractual staff, the workforce consists of enormous diversity as well. However, the importance of employing general labours cannot be undermined in any way either. Sure, the term seems to be obvious but the meaning is not quite so simple especially when it comes to recruitment.

Facts about general labour jobs Toronto

The origin of the term was rather simplistic and denoted a person who could work at general jobs without having to go through any sort of specialized training. It was first coined with the manufacturing industry in mind that utilized a large number of workers for taking care of the purely physical tasks that did not require any special skills or complexity. The meaning of the term has widened considerably over the use with general labourers being employed freely by a large number of industries including construction sites and landscaping companies along with offices that provide cleaning services.

Jobs Suitable for the General Labour Workforce

The type of tasks that a general labourer would have to do is varied once again. It is rather industry specific. While a construction site employs a general labourer to take care of a number of simple tasks that warrant a degree of physicality, there are several other jobs that require the staff to undergo some sort of training in order to complete it efficiently. However, these tasks are too simple to require advanced knowledge or a degree. Yet some general labourers may be engaged as to assist the skilled craftsmen such as carpenters and masons that provide them with an excellent opportunity of learning a trade on the job.

Their duties are diverse too and usually depends on the type of the work site. Using specialized tools such as blowtorches and power drills may be reckoned to be a part of general labour jobs Toronto at times too. Directing traffic is usually a responsibility that the general labour job entails when working on a road building project. Scrubbing the floor properly with a number cleaners and mops also happens to be a kind of general labour.


While the usual notion is that general labourers are used in construction and manufacturing industries, this is far from the truth. In fact, every industry employs the general labour force at some or the other of their existence. Companies that rely on physical labour extensively have a huge demand for such employees though with the landscaping as well as the cleaning industries leading the fray. Even indoor offices that have their day to day tasks confined to making reports and documentation do not hesitate to employ staff from the vast number of people seeking  general labour jobs Toronto. They are often asked to provide janitorial services or handle gardening jobs and even maintain the cleanliness of the office rooms.


The criteria for being eligible vary sharply and is again specific to the concerned area of work. True, there is no need of formal education but most organized companies prefer to take on labourers who:-

  • Have a high school diploma or GED
  • Having at least 6 months to 2 years of experience is highly preferred by the recruitment team usually
  • Being able to understand the basic principles and procedures of the process is definitely an added advantage
  • Physical fitness is of extreme importance in the industries that rely heavily on the general labour workforce
  • It is also essential to be comfortable working at heights or high stress jobs particularly in the construction industry
  • A modicum of knowledge in science and computer applications is likely to have the concerned labourer attain a superior position within a short time as well
  • Being able to drive a heavy vehicle or use a variety of tools deftly happens to be much in demand by certain industries too.

It is best to check your needs and engage a staffing company adept at hiring general labourers if your company needs to have a general labour workforce in place.