As a slicer, I was filled with hope. The lightweight shaft 55 grams makes it easier to get the club through impact. Our test pro really hit the club well and commented on how he found it relatively easy to draw. The r7 features a closed club face as well, but the r7 Draw takes it to the next level. I purchased an r7 draw Thanks for all the comments.

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Does anyone know how or where to get the adjustment book. It’s my favourite club, not bad for a man who only hit a 3 wood for taylormade r7 draw 460 years! During my one round of golf, I hit every taylormare and most of the shots were either a slight draw, straight, or slight fade that stayed in the fairways on every hole.

If not, you could very well clear a fence and hit cars ect. The lightweight shaft 55 grams makes it easier to get the club through impact.

From what I see the R7 draw might be easier taylormade r7 draw 460 adjust to than the Burner Draw. Although it has not got rid of my slice completely and I still throw in a quick one every now and then but my consistency, accuracy and distance have been increased dramatically.

TaylorMade R7 Draw Driver Deg Graphite Reax 55 Regular Flex g | eBay

The r7 driver is the latest in a long series of drivers released by TaylorMade, makers of the first metal driver. I have been a golfer for about 25 years. Trying all sorts of slice killers etc…. This corrected my slice enought to consistantly hit the fairway. I just had to ajust my set up t6he ball not only goes straight but with more loft and distance then ever.


I am definitely hitting more fairways with it and have hit some of my longest drives that I have ever hit. MOI taylofmade forgiveness, as the less taylormade r7 draw 460 driver twists on off-center impact the straighter your ball will fly. taylormade r7 draw 460

TaylorMade r7 Draw Driver Review (Clubs, Review) – The Sand Trap

Only missed two shots all day on the first outing at Spring Valley. For the women, the driver is available with a This is definitely my new number one driver in the bag, as my confidence off the tee has risen to an taylormade r7 draw 460 high.

And this was with a tape on the club face still…hit about yrds with barely a back swing. The head is big which allows forgiveness, I still hit the ball nearly yards when I slightly duff, heel or toe the club. Trust me I am not a long ball hitter and I definitely taylormade r7 draw 460 the ball [and slice at times] but this new draw driver is amazing. Slice was less than what I saw with my old driver. I do not have any problem getting the ball into the air, even with a firm tipped shaft.


I have a taypormade slice on occasions with my 3-wood. I lost two balls left unheard of prior to this club I taylormade r7 draw 460 always played my banana by aiming 15 degrees left onj the tee.

TaylorMade R7 Draw 460 Driver 10.5 Deg Graphite Reax 55 Regular Flex 37320g

Out of 15 shots with the 9. This driver gets the ball nice and high, although I wish I had a 7 deg. I will probably need to go used. I tested a 9.

The R7s are probably the best drivers on the market. The r7 has a faylormade clubface, and the grooveless sweet spot aided alignment.

The advice I need is, based on your experience is taylormade r7 draw 460 9 degree 1 degree closed face preferrable over the Only just got this r7 draw driver this week and only been down local range with it, but imediately hitting longer taylormaee straighter shotswell impressed with it so far. The main thing is…I am hitting straight!

My banana slice is back with a vengance. Definate improvement over my Wilson Deep Red.