Simply chose the payment option that works best for you. Condition is evaluated by our knowledgeable staff and the used golf club s is priced accordingly. I seem to be able to drive further and straighter, also my fade seems to have gone. Give us a call at and try our new Valet Service. I purchased the item for my step fathers birthday, he plays a 20 and was struggling off the tee The Big Bertha measures shock! Can I trade in more than one item?

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Callaway Big Bertha Driver Review | Equipment Reviews | Today’s Golfer

The Big Bertha measures shock! Please have your Order Number berthaa and reference the tracking number on your shipment to ensure it has been big bertha titanium 454 to our facility.

This driver is a lot more Ping Eye 2 than Titleistif you get my drift.

It hits straight with a boring shot trajectory. I am hoping I get to a carry and some roll out of the 8 degree. Over the last couple of years I’ve tried lots of drivers as this part of my game was very weak.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Shop what you want, when you want. It is big bertha titanium 454 forgiving but hit the sweet spot and “wow” you will certainly see the difference.


I like to practice hitting into the wind. Tried this model with standard firm shaft and it didn’t do much for me but as soon as I tried the Aldila NV stiff – what a difference. This thing hits the ball too low for my taste at its big bertha titanium 454 loft. Its an old model buy has much better feel and construction than later ‘tinny’ Callaway models, and maintains a good sized sweet spot too.

Today’s Golfer

Does anyone know which shaft would be comparable to the calaway firm flex? The larger head big bertha titanium 454 perimeter weighting that allowed increased the Moment of Inertia to keep the club from twisting when the ball was struck off-center. I have had my for over 10 yrs. It is very easy to hit and gives me great feedback. Having recently puchased Callaway Big Birtha I am thrilled with its performance, I am much straighter and at least 20 yards futher off the tee. Callaway Big Bertha Titanium Driver.

Driver Fairway Wood Big bertha titanium 454 Putter. I found it very easy to get used to and it is very forgiving tutanium miss-hits.

I have a GBB and hit it longer than any driver I have ever hit.

A couple of weeks ago I won my first competition in two years and the driving was a big part of it. Just one final reminder: My clubhead speed suffers. Was this review helpful?


Clubs with cracked or dented heads, heads that rattle and clubs with broken shafts. I hit this club extremely high.

I have the with a prolaunch blue 65 and have found that it is too tip? All in all a very good berhha that I would recommend to anyone. It looks good and performs just as well. Combined with tutanium short i.

The flight is penetrating which is what I’m looking for. This is decidedly not so with the — big bertha titanium 454 is one heckuva low-ball driver. The hollow hosel allows reportedly allows for more feel, but its primary function is to free up some clubhead weight.

It just means that I hit the better than I hit big bertha titanium 454 G5 and he hit the G5 better than he hit the